Best Slot Machines To Play In 2013 At US Casinos

by Josh on September 2, 2013

best slot machines to play in 2013

Slot machine players have a much wider selection of games to choose from than table game players. There are generally more slots to play at an online casino than all of the other games combined. The best slots to play at casinos will tend on your preferences and goals but this guide will help you determine which slot games are the best for you. I tend to vary between classic 3-reel slots and the more modern 3D and video slots. The slots with 5 reels and a billion lines tend to have the highest progressive jackpots. They can also cost quite a bit to play, if you are like me and always play the maximum number of credits on the maximum number of lines. So what are the best slot machines to play at online casinos in 2013? There are many factors and I will do my best to explain them all. Technically speaking, the best slot game to play at a casino in 2013 is the one with the highest payout percentage.

Slot game #1 may have a payout percentage of 93% but slot game #2 has a payout percentage of 96%. Most would argue that the second slot machine is better but there are some other things to consider. What if you really feel like gambling? You want the possibility of a huge win. If the first slots game has a huge progressive jackpot and the second does not, it may make the machine more attractive for some players, at least some of the time. I will break this guide on the best slots at online casinos in 2013 up into different sections. Just choose the one that best matches your desires to find out which slot is best for you.

Best Slot Games To Play In 2013 Based On Payout Percentages

You really can’t go wrong when choosing a slot machine to play based on payout percentages. A slot machine payout percentage essentially tells you – on average – how much the slots game pays out. A slot with a 95% payout percentage will – on average – pay $.95 on every $1 wagered. All casino games have this type of built in edge for the casino. The cool thing about slot machines is that most do not require any skill. You may be able to get $.98 on the $1 playing Blackjack but you have to play it perfectly. Some USA casinos online in 2013 have slot games with a much lower built in edge. I’d say that the average payout percentage is 90% but the best slot machines at the best online casinos easily exceed 95%. Here is a list of the best slots to play in 2013 if you are only concerned with the odds and payout percentages.

  • Mr Vegas slot – (5 reel,30 payline) – 98.18% payout percentage. Available at the Bovada Casino.
  • Under The Bed slot – (5 reel, 30 payline) – 98% payout percentage. Available at the Casino. – Bonus Link
  • Progressive Diamond Jackpot slot – (3 reel, 1 line) – 97.8% payout percentage. Available at the Betonline Casino. – Bonus Link
  • Ghoul’s Gold slot – (3X3 hold slot) – 97.3% payout percentage. it is worth mentioning that this slot game does involve a little skill. There is a bonus game where ghosts fly around. The more you click on, the more money you win. Available at the Betonline Casino. – Bonus Link

Best Slot Machines To Play In 2013 based On Jackpot Size

Sometime I do not want to play the slot game with the best payout percentage. I want to play the slot machine with the best progressive jackpot.  The Bovada Casino is dominates all others – U.S. or not – with over $6,000,000 in jackpots. Here are the slot games with the largest jackpots at USA casinos in 2013.

  • Midlife Crisis slot – $1,680,000 – Bovada Casino – Bonus Link
  • Sevens & Stripes slot – $1,200,000 – Casino – Bonus Link
  • Jackpot Pinatas slot – $520,000 – Bovada Casino – Bonus Link

Best Slot Games To Play In 2013 based on fun

top slot games to play 2013

Great odds and big jackpots are fine and good but what about the fun factor? Some slot machines are better than others in this category. I tend to prefer slot games that have fun bonus games.  You may like free spins and wild symbols. Others may like bonus rounds.  Here is a list of the funnest slot games at online casinos in 2013, based on my opinion.

  • Safari Sam 3D slot – Casino – Bonus Link
  • Food Fight slot – Bovada Casino – Bonus Link
  • Zombies vs Cheerleaders slot – – Bonus Link
  • Ghoul’s Gold – Bet Online Casino – Bonus Link
  • Field of Green slot – Grand Parker Casino – Bonus Link

US Casino With The Best Slot Machines In 2013

I’ve listed several USA online casinos in this post so far. The Bovada Casino and Casino definitely seem to dominate the lists of the top slot machines in 2013 so it is obvious that they are U.S. casinos with the best slot machines in 2013. Betonline’s casino is also pretty cool but the software isn’t put together as well. The Grand Parker Casino also has a lot to offer in terms of slot games.

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